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This page has much less to do with weather than other parts of the site. Instead, this page has a bunch of downloads and links for you to play with. Enjoy!

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Weather Zombie is now an iPhone app. Read all about it here, or click the "Available on the App Store" button at the top right of this page.

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Click here to copy the necessary HTML to your clipboard so you can paste it into the source code for your website, your blog, really anywhere you can place HTML.

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We're going to get you...and then tell you if it's raining....

To get a badge for any world city, start typing your location name below. When we have enough to match you to a city, we will display a list of cities. Once you select one of these, we will fill in the code you need to put the Weather Zombie badge on your site. Alternatively, if you don't input a specific location, the weather will be determined by the location of the visitors to your website.

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We ate your browser!

Weather Zombie is an accurate and fun weather site that will bring you all the necessary weather forecasting you need...with zombies who are cute and rabid and hungry, oh no! However you can ONLY view Weather Zombie if you updgrade your browser to a later version of Internet Explorer, THEN we'll be happy to give you zombie-themed weather forecasts, and possibly let you keep your limbs...

If you can't upgrade Internet Explorer, there are plenty of other awesome browsers out there that Weather Zombie works with.