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The forecast is bbbrraaaiiinnsss....

You have questions, we have some answers

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  • Why Zombies?

    Why not? They have one track minds, and we got their minds set on bam! Instant awesome.

  • Why is X not listed?

    Forecasting is hard. We can only provide the data that we are given. Someday we'd like to tell you every little thing you'd ever want to know about the impending doom that's about to rain down on your head. Until then, we'll give you the best description of said doom that we can!

  • Your radar comics are funny! Can I draw one?

    You sure can! Actually, we love it when people submit their own radar comics. You can post them on our facebook wall so that all our fans can share in on your horrific creation.

  • What about an app for --insert mobile device here--

    The zombies ask us that all the time...since they all have different phones too. (though they usually throw or try to eat them in an insane rage when they ring or vibrate. It's actually 17 kinds of hillarious...that's right. 17).

    Anyway, until we get an app created for your specific device, you can always go to with your mobile browser and the website will be tailored to fit your phone.

  • Why does the intern have a bone sticking out of his head? That shouldn't be there...

    Shut up you.

  • Wait, you have an iPhone App?

    That we do! Check out our iPhone App page to get more information.

  • How do I change my location?

    As you move from city to city, gleefully unaware of the oncoming zombie onslaught, the Weather Zombie app will use your device's internal GPS receiver to give you conditions based on your nearest weather station. If your device doesn't have a GPS receiver, such as in the case of an iPod, the app will try to locate your based on your internet connection. In addition, you can click on the crosshairs icon to pin-point your location. Though we hope you enjoy the precision that only GPS technology can provide, we make no guarantee that we won't use your location to alert the hoards of where tasty humans may be located.

  • What happens if I poke the zombies?

    Good question! While our meteorologists generally lack all feeling in their bodies, other than the unending hunger for human brains, our zombies do respond to poking. Just be careful, some of them don't see so well, and might try to bite your finger off.

  • How far into the future can the zombie see?

    Some of our zombies can see into the near future, with forecasts of up to 7 days from now, and some can only tell you what's going on in the next 12 hours, but all come together in our app to help you to figure out what to wrap around your delicious flesh for the foreseeable future.

  • I like to check a bunch of different cities' weather out, can I do this in your app?

    We have this one zombie, he was a little smarter than all the rest, and he can remember up to 10 of the last cities you've searched for. Any more and he gets a headache though, so we try not to work him too hard.

  • I like a good weather radar. The colors make me happy. Can I get that with the Weather Zombie app?

    You certainly can. We launched a few zombies into low-earth orbit, taking pictures of what's going on on the ground every once in a while so you can see if angry red storms are coming towards you or if it's safe to walk around unimpeded by hats or other brain-hiding technologies. We're sorry to say for the moment it looks like we accidentally shot them into a geostationary orbit, and that they've only got pictures of the United States and some of Canada, but we hope to send a few more up in the future.

  • What happens if I get sick of the weather?

    This one's easy. Just go to the "Settings & More" section and you'll not only find a little history of the zombies, but also a whole pile of comics to check out! Plus you can check out the zombies' Twiter and Facebook profiles from right within the app, meaning you can distract yourself from the coming apocalyptic weather conditions.

  • I've got another problem with the app, where can I get a little extra help?

    No problem, we've got you covered. You can go to to create a new support ticket and we'll see what we can do.

We're going to get you...and then tell you if it's raining....
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Weather Zombie is an accurate and fun weather site that will bring you all the necessary weather forecasting you need...with zombies who are cute and rabid and hungry, oh no! However you can ONLY view Weather Zombie if you updgrade your browser to a later version of Internet Explorer, THEN we'll be happy to give you zombie-themed weather forecasts, and possibly let you keep your limbs...

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